Founder - Marcus Brisco

University of Hawaii 2019, Chemistry BA

While studying Chemistry in Hawaii, Rolly Receipts LLC was born. Through educational research, the toxic composition of current thermal receipts was brought to my attention. Through life experiences I witnessed the beautiful environment of Hawaii dying and realized that if I didn't save the Turtles, who would? #SaveTheTurtles

Co-Founder - Austin Doliboa

Wittenberg University 2019, Finance/Marketing BA

During my time at Wittenberg University I found a strong passion for entrepreneurship and making a difference through helping individuals and this great Earth we call home. Marcus and Rolly Receipts presented a perfect opportunity to do so through #savingtheturtles by removing plastic from receipt rolls and planting trees through sales. Now its time to save our oceans and more!


Rolly Receipts LLC is a USA based company that is revolutionizing receipts. Our mission is to empower our customers to minimize their eco-footprint without sacrificing the products the rely on. Not only do we provide the single most eco-friendly receipt on the market, we also plant a tree with every case sold.